SPEAKER- Writer-Experiencer on Truth, death, reincarnation, soul travel, Aliens and spiritualism. 
  Tommy Hawksblood 
  1. Conference Speakers
    I was able to lecture around the US. I have a different way of living life then most. I can only deal with Truth as I know it to be true which I have proven to be that. I can lecture about many things. Based on actual experiences I had and went through. After five NDE experiences traveling out of the body and then learning all my past lives have been aware of just about everything one needs to learn to start to understand and Know God.
  2. Public Speakers
    There are many speakers out there speaking about their so-called truth. My statement on that is there are only three truths. Yours, Mine and God's. I prefer to reflect on God always. In certain situations I have to use my own truth. I can only say 98% of everything you hear has nothing to do with God. It usually only reflects one's own ego.
  3. Presentations
    I am setting up to do a workshop on line , like no other. Yes you hear how to make money, how to become your higher self, How to go into fourth and fifth dimensions, but nothing about death. Nothing about a real God. While at the same time are being programmed about what certain rich people believe. I have written four books and working on a new one. I can say I did not exaggerate anything in any of my books. I can only tell you the truth which I have proven over and over to my self.
All things under God. Adventures into the Strange- truth only. 
Truth only. Yes, everyone has a truth. Is it important to the world? Is it inportant to you? Can it really help you understand  truth. Many people will say with what ever ego they deal with theirs is important. One needs to understrand there are different laws or rules to ever level of awareness as there are the same for every plane of exisitance of soul. 
​​     I  apologize, all my  web pages need to be redone. I'M WORKING ON IT. 
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    We are in the middle of a major change to the world. The sad part not for the better. I don't care who you are listening to. The lies all speakers are feeding you have nothing to do with what is really important. Our school system doesn't give anyone any kind of help understanding life being a soul. They teach nothing about God becuawe they don't have a clue about it. They teach old laws and truths form other races and even worse artifacts which they don'ty even know how or why they are here. They don't admit what the constitution really means. It was taken away for the Native people and then it was used to attack them. Which now with the people thinking they have a right to carry a gun will never move people forward to a less violent world.  On the UFO wave now much more important then it ever was is much more damgerous because the Government cannot release any of the information about it. They are only touching the idea there are ships above us. Not what thr reason for them being here is. I am 67 have experienced just about everything possible which help bring me to the truth. There is a truth whether people ever want to hear it r not. Really, man is doing everything to hid from it. Why do you think man is making robots to do everything man does? 
The population is still growing. The number are 150,000 die daily while 300,000 are being born daily. On that number 100,000 die in hospitals. You really need to think about that. Did you know the main reason Native people died was falling of a horse, a cliff or getting run over by a buffalo. Sickness they were able to cure anything they got. That was true until the white man and spanish people brought in so many sicknesses in, which took them time to cure. Because there is always a cure for anything in the plants around you. They came up with the cancer answer many years ago. 
  In the UFO world all you hear is they are now seeing ships and being able to film them. I am talking about ever day, normal people. We all have cameras now. For me it started when I was six. It never stopped the interaction I had. It was never good. It will never be good for anyone no matter what you hear. There are nine races dealing with the earth. From all the people talking including Putin there are 37 races. But only four of them have to power to rule over the rest. kind of how our Gov ernment think they are the power of the world. No other races can do anything over the one in power. The same as you have no power over the government, even though they say we do. Thomas Jefferson created the bill allowing all people to form a militia when they feel the government is not doing what the people want. For the people living in a box - which I will say allot after 911 it was changed into being a terrorist group if you do. Even groups like Greenpeace is considered one. The last I heard the Gov had 450 groups classified as a terroriste group. Don't even ask where they put religions. Which there are over 2,000 and only two have the biggest following. 
 I will get into religion and spiritual in detail. I will get inot God and aliens in detail. I will also get into truth and lies. 

Joh Peters
      I am almost done seeting up a workshop. It will be the most important workshop ever offered. Well by my truth and viewpoint. 
It will cover every topic from spiritual protection, out-of body experiences, soul travel, near death experiences, reincarnation, the astral plane, the higher worlds or realms, the difference between Lucifer and Satan. Demons, entities, spirits and Ghosts. God and God's. Spirituality vs Religion.  Truth vs Lies. 
I will give the simplest tecknecks for learning to listen to spirit vs mind/ego. 
learning many of the question we are being lied to about aliens, how we got here and by who.  What God really is and isn't. What soul is and why it came here in the first place. What is really important to it. 

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